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Test Table for Aerial Cameras/Armaments

Customized, turnkey test table

A turnkey, ridged test table (platen) was needed by Ingenium’s military aerospace customer to test optical cameras and armaments mounted on F16 aircraft.   The customer wanted to ensure cameras/armaments used would properly site objects with precision miles away form the host aircraft. Thus, the platen used to test this equipment could not add to the natural oscillations of the equipment under test.

The statement of work allowed Ingenium creative latitude on the platen design given that specific design parameters were met. Of key importance, the platen had to:

  • be extremely rigid and flat to .010”
  • have a natural frequency less than the camera /armaments
  • allow various equipment to be attached to it such as this platen mount

Ingenium’s team of test equipment designers developed several concept variations for this project.  The customized platen was designed and analyzed to confirm that it would deliver the rigidity and frequency required.  Ingenium’s final honeycomb design would meet these requirements and be weight conscious thereby allowing for reasonable transportation.  

Platen analysis using ANSYS

Once the platen was designed, Ingenium oversaw its careful fabrication.   After fabrication Ingenium contracted with a local aerospace company to have the platen tested in a large altitude chamber. At the completion of fabrication and testing Ingenium's was proud to deliver this unique test equipment to the customer.