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Wing Truss Test Stand

Ingenium was approached to provide a concept proposal and drawings for a wing truss test stand or “iron bird”. The customer was interested in exercising the flap and slat actuator assemblies with the more revealing dynamic testing (load with movement) rather than static testing (load only). 

Wing dynamic tests are typically simulated via in-flight testing which is time consuming and expensive and cannot exercise every scenario with the desired number of cycles. Thus the customer desired to accurately simulate this in-flight testing on the ground to more fully exercise every scenario for multiple cycles while not compromising real-world, dynamic conditions.   In addition, the cost and time savings would be dramatic.

Ingenium’s team of test equipment designers set into motion the development of this concept. The flap and slat assemblies would need to be exercised (twisted and moved) to simulate in-flight operation and the whole system would need to be modular in design to allow for testing of a variety of wing geometries found on different aircraft platforms. 

Iron bird for flap assemblies (partial view)

At the conclusion of Ingenium’s efforts the team provided a concept proposal and drawings of the iron bird.  The design would allow the customer to dynamically test for wing bending, wing twisting, and half wing simulation on a variety of wing flap and slat actuator assemblies.