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Aircraft Actuation System


An aircraft manufacturer teamed with Ingenium to develop the horizontal stabilizer actuation system for a sub-orbital commercial spaceplane. As part of the project Ingenium developed a transient dynamic simulation model for the actuation system which included the following components:

  • Motors (4)
  • Gearboxes (4)
  • Actuators (2)
  • Controllers (2)

Ingenium worked with the customer and Ingenium sub-contractors to develop both system and component requirements. In parallel, Ingenium developed the simulation model to verify component parameter values, actuator operation and performance, and worst case actuator loads.   

At the end of the study Ingenium deliverables included:

  • A comprehensive Matlab/Simulink model of the overall horizontal stabilizer primary flight control actuation system
  • Independent verification that actuator internal loads were within design limits
  • Verification that the system would meet the customer frequency response requirements
  • C-code module for integrating the actuation system dynamics into the customer’s real time vehicle simulation facility
  • Documentation describing both desktop and real time simulation models and how to use them