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Engineering Services



Ingenium's simulation engineers will create a concise and accurate model of your engineering control system. We will ensure the model has been thoroughly analyzed, tested, and validated. Then we will provide the necessary system documentation so you have the total picture.

We can configure models that simulate the transient response of a wide variety of engineering control systems including: hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, thermal, and electrical.

In the end, our simulation engineers will add value to your project by providing one or more of the following services:

  • Define system concept of operation and control options
  • Quantify system performance measures
  • Indentify subsystem and component requirements
  • Provide data for trade studies
  • Troubleshoot existing designs
  • Ensure feedback control will be stable with acceptable margins
  • Provide discretized C code version of models for real time simulation

To understand more about how you can take advantage of our Simulation services, contact Greg Vermillion >

Need to know more? Below are specific Simulation examples. Take a moment to read about our solutions in further detail.


Aircraft Actuation System