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Jack System for Commercial Storage Tank

Ingenium’s customer wanted to broaden their product portfolio from a current farm tank offering to a larger water tank for use by small towns. The customer hired Ingenium to design and develop a new jack system for the larger water tanks. 

The distinctive system manages a series of ball screw jacks (typically 12) that are driven at precisely the same speed to lift and rotate each tank ring until the desired height is reached uniformly.  Of key importance was the increased load carrying capacity required for the new jacks.  Ingenium was able to meet the new requirements by delivering a 56% increased lifting capacity over the original design.  To minimize the production cost, Ingenium ensured the new design leveraged proven, off-the-shelf, hardware when possible.

To prove Ingenium’s concept 3 prototype units were fabricated.  Many local machine and fabrication shops were excited to participate in the building of the prototypes due to the potential of the larger follow-on production orders. 

Jack Test Stand

To ensure the jack was compliant with the respective ASME codes, Ingenium built a test stand that was used to evaluate the new design to 50,000 lbs.  A custom power unit was also designed and built by Ingenium.  Depending on the size of the tank, one to two power units were used to drive the jacks.

Ingenium Aerospace’s actuator and machine tool engineers had the perfect background to execute the jack system development effort.  During the year long engagement, the customer was able to focus on their core competence of developing tanks while leaving the jack development in Ingenium’s capable hands.