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A380 Scroll Compressor


Airbus hired Ingenium to provide a prototype compressor to pressurize the air that propels the water through its aircraft drinking water system. Airbus specified the use of the scroll compressor due to the favorable low noise and high reliability characteristics. Also the system would need to be potable so the water was suitable for human consumption.  

Scroll Compressor Prototype


Scroll compressors are typically used for liquid systems such as refrigerant fluids. The use of the scroll compressor for pressurizing air would require Ingenium to pay close attention to part tolerances to reduce air leaks and maintain performance goals.    Due to the requirement of potable water, Ingenium material engineering developed seals that would not contaminate the system. 


Within only 4 months Ingenium designed, analyzed and built prototype test units for early risk reduction and proof of concept testing.  The early hardware was a success and validated the use of the scroll compressor in this aerospace application.