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Design & Development


When Ingenium's design and development teams go to work on your project, we have one, clear goal - rapidly and accurately achieve your design and development objectives.

  • Our aerospace engineering teams provide top quality production designs that allow your company to move, seamlessly, into the final customer qualification and production stages.
  • Our industrial engineering teams provide machinery design so that you can increase capacity, meet challenging requirements, and reduce product costs... making you more profitable.

If you need electrical or mechanical design, look to Ingenium. We can take your concept into design and development rapidly, accurately and with the utmost attention to detail.

To understand more about how you can take advantage of our Design & Development services, contact Greg Vermillion >

Need to know more? Below are links to specific Design & Development project samples that we describe in further detail.


Aerial Camera Anti-Blur Device
Boeing Cargo Door Actuator
CH-47 Helicopter Blade Fold Gearbox
Sheet Metal Bending Equipment