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Composite Carbon Fiber Placement Machine Arm and Head

Ingenium was hired by a machine tool manufacturer to design the machine arm and head on this specialized piece of equipment used to produce the outer covering of commercial aircraft. The machine included a refrigeration compartment that maintained the composite carbon fibers coated with adhesive at a lower temp to prevent the adhesive from warming and getting tacky. Immediately before placement the fibers are heated and affixed to the plane surface. See machine concept above.

The manufacturer of this equipment wanted to increase machine throughput. In order to increase fiber placement speed the machine arm and head would need to be redesigned to increase their stiffness. Ingenium’s customer approached us for help. We performed FEA deflection analysis using ANSYS software and through a series of analysis and subsequent redesign efforts Ingenium developed a final design that met the stiffness requirements.

FEA deflection analysis using ANSYS

The final design equipment is shown above working in its production environment. Notice that the machine changed configuration from the concept original box shape for the refrigeration unit to a triangular shape. The arm and head that Ingenium designed maintained its original configuration.