Ingenium Technologies

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About Ingenium

Intellectual Property

The activities at Ingenium cultivate original ideas which lead to the birth of new products. We currently serve the medical, automotive and security markets.

Medical Market

Blood Pressure Cuff Pressurization System

  • Works quickly in mobile situation
  • Disruptive technology
  • US military interest


Physical Therapy Device

  • For knee replacement surgery recovery
  • Promotes full recovery
  • First prototype constructed for evaluation
  • Uses conventional hardware

Security Market

School Visitor Management System

  • Kiosk design & development
  • Joint venture located in Naples, FL
  • Formed in August 2005

Automotive Market

Parallel Path Drive (PPD)

  • More efficient drive that quickly pays for itself
  • IP being explored
  • Automotive component OEMs
  • Patent pending


To understand more about our medical services, recent designs, and testing capabilities please download our Medical Division brochure.